CUBE & VOLTO real estate

CUBE & VOLTO stands for the two main architectural shapes of Sifnos. Since the ancient Cycladic civilization (3200 BCE), the native Cycladic population used two basic shapes in their buildings: the cube and the ‘volto’ (the arch or ‘kamara’). These two shapes provide Sifnos its unique architectural aesthetic, which combines with the bright white and the blue of the sea and the sky. Buildings thus become sculptures adorning the idyllic vistas of the island. 

Why choose us?

Because we are the best. 

CUBE & VOLTO may be a new estate agency in Sifnos, but it was set-up by highly experienced estate agent Kalliopi Loukianou-Karouta. Calliope was the owner of a REMAX House Center branch from 2006 to 2012, and later became advisor and main partner in one of Thessaloniki’s largest estate agencies, KAROUTAS PROPERTIES. Calliope has family ties to, and lives in, Sifnos, and therefore has an authentic knowledge of the island as well as of the estate agency business. 

CUBE & VOLTO’s aim is to establish itself in the estate agent business of Sifnos, and to offer services underlined by knowledge, customer support, continuity, responsibility, and respect for its customers (sellers, investors-buyers, or renters). The business aims to continuously expand its portfolio of noteworthy properties and plots, and to manage this portfolio expertly – offering bespoke services. 

Unique Approach 

Estate agency services is no longer merely an advertisement for the selling of a property. CUBE & VOLTO understands and recognizes that a property is the most important physical thing that one has, or wishes to have. It is therefore a business that demands continuous and enduring service, from the first meeting with the customer until the day contracts are signed and the property is transferred. It is a relationship of knowledge, trust, commitment, communication and discreteness. We care about our customers, and act based on their personal best interest and requirements. We cater for sellers and investors alike. We offer the opportunity to everyone who wishes to engage with us to learn about Sifnos, providing them with accurate and insider information and regular updates – to ensure their investment is worth their while. We plan, upon customer permission, a promotion strategy for the property that involves advertising in both local (Greek) as well as international marketplaces. We also offer to our customers advice on legal, construction, or financial matters. 

CUBE & VOLTO uses advanced software and state-of-the-art technology to ensure in-depth statistical analysis regarding the properties we promote. This involves the number and characteristics of customers that show an interest in a property. In          this way, we work alongside the seller or the owner in order to identify the best promotion strategy. The same methods permit us to communicate with customers and renters faster, and to offer the necessary digital documentation. We use Google Earth on all of our listings in order to easy the process of finding and identifying the right property. 

We work with experienced and accredited business and marketing professionals. We can therefore vouch to increase the likelihood of a successfully sale-purchase, drawing from our international network of customers. It is for this reason that we offer the opportunity to list properties in globally recognized platforms, such as Right Move, Find A Property and Prime Location. Our aim is to use technology to its fullest, making IT and the Internet useful for our customers. 

We are here to help you make your wish come true – whether that is selling or to rent your property, or if you are here to buy the house of your dreams. Send us a message now. Maybe this message will be the beginning of making your dreams come true. We will be honored to work with you!